The Process


The History

Latin Gin is crafted in Italy, where the origins of gin can be traced back to twelfth century monks of Salerno. During this formative period for Western culture, Italian monks added juniper to produce their distillation of ‘aqua vita’ or ‘water of life’. Gin was born.


Today, Latin Gin is a work of modern craftsmanship produced in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Distilled by a century-old family business that has perfected the art of spirits production, Latin Gin is created with an uncompromising attention to every detail. The master distillers of Latin Gin have a heritage of art, culture, and design, imbuing the final spirit with sophistication. Each bottle of the brand has historical roots and is a masterpiece of tradition.


Whats Inside

Latin Gin is first distilled with only the highest quality ingredients. Water is sourced from Mont Blanc, the tallest peak in the Alps, giving it a pure and elegant taste. After distilling the spirit in a traditional copper still, Latin Gin is infused with Italian juniper berries, along with the finest Latin botanicals, thoughtfully sourced from countries throughout South America. This artful blend of ingredients gives Latin Gin its passion, unique character, and perfected flavor

The Bottle

A great gin is a work of art, and the object that contains it must reflect the beauty of the inside. The iconic Latin Gin bottle is an artistic sculpture, designed with unparalleled precision by a renowned digital sculptor and bottled in France using the finest flint glass. Drawing inspiration from Latin Art Nouveau and Latin Art Deco, the bottle invokes a time of ultimate creativity and opulence.

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