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Latin Gin is inspired by a love story.

Each bottle takes you on a journey.

Each expression has a story to tell.


Latin Spice


Captures the passion and intensity of a new love affair.


Latin Lover


Represents a deeper, calmer romantic connection to one another.


Latin Secco


Celebrates the tradition of accomplishment, generations, and family coming together.


Latin Beach


Expresses the joy, happiness and fun times of life well lived.

Latin Gin Expressions

Four original and unique flavors that take you on a beautiful journey to the Latin way of life. Latin Gin is produced at the foothills of the Italian Alps by distillers with centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.


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Meet Ivania Sher, co-founder of Latin Gin, a brand that was inspired by her love of gin and her upbringing in a Latin American household. Ivania grew up in El Salvador and Miami, where her father was an international diplomat who loved to throw parties for his guests from all over the world. Gin was always a staple at these gatherings, and Ivania's parents served beautiful gin cocktails that left a lasting impression on her.

Ivania's vision for Latin Gin was to create a gin so smooth that even a young woman like herself could drink it neat. She wanted to tell a love story with her gin, capturing the passion, romance, tradition, and pleasures of the Latin culture. Gin, with its old-school cool and modern-day sexiness, was the perfect spirit to blend the past, present, and future all at once.

Ivania drew inspiration from the fashion, art and clubs of the Art Deco era. She says “You feel the Art Deco ambiance reverberate through the architecture in many Latin European and Latin American countries as well as parts of Miami. These were times of bold designs, luxurious materials, and an extravagant vibe, and the Latin countries were leading the charge.”


Art Deco 1.png

The Art Deco era is often referred to as the Golden Age of cocktails. During this era of creativity todays classics like the Negroni, French 75, Gin Rickey, Bee’s Knees, Hanky-Panky and Tom Collins evolved. Latin Gin pays tribute to this era of cultural and culinary diversity and ushers in a new era of gin with its four unique expressions - Latin Spice, Latin Lover, Latin Secco, and Latin Beach. Each expression designed to pair well with the most important cocktail seasons and occasions. A perfect way to elevate your cocktail game and experiment with new creations. The bold colors, and luxurious designs of the era are infused in every bottle, making Latin Gin a work of art in and of itself.

As you sip on a glass of Latin Gin, you'll be transported to a time when luxury and extravagant parties reigned supreme. Ivania invites you to discover a gin that pays homage to this era while also appealing to todays cocktail enthusiasts. Latin Gin is the perfect choice for those who want to celebrate the cultural and culinary diversity of Latin America and Europe. With its distinctive flavors and aromas, Latin Gin is a brand that exudes glamour and sophistication, offering a timeless and contemporary blend of the past and present.

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